Wednesday 21 February, 2018
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In an education landscape where mobile devices are becoming ever more common, the need for reliable, secure charging and storage solutions has become more prevalent. LapSafe, the market leaders in managing secure storage and charging...

A couple of weeks back, several UK newspapers and many tech websites reported on the findings of a recent study which indicates that the use of tablet/laptop/mobile tech devices by students in lectures and seminars has...

The DfE recently announced an opportunity to ‘Register to buy tablet devices for your school’ (8 April 2016) in an effort to bring back collective buying power to schools seeking to purchase iPads and...


Tablet use in schools continues to rise as barriers to adoption shift, new research from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has revealed.

The annual ‘Tablets and Connectivity’ survey of 632 UK schools (335 primary, 297 secondary), conducted in June 2015,suggests that 71 per cent of primary and 76 per cent of secondary schools (an increase from 56 per cent in 2014 in both school types) are making use of tablets in the classroom. Currently, there are estimated to be 721,000 tablets for use by pupils in classrooms across UK maintained schools and academies, and it is forecast that by the end of 2016 this number will have increased to over 946,000.

The Education Show 2015 returns to the NEC, Birmingham on 19 to 21 March and is once against set to address the needs of education professionals across the country, this year with an increased focus on technology.