Adobe Flash and Asperger’s: a tale of ambition and animation

It’s no secret that Autism is a difficult condition to live with, whatever the spectrum of severity one suffers from but recent research has suggested that those with Autism excel in creative thinking and some research has also confirmed that seeing the world in a ‘different way’ can spark unique ideas, helping debunk a myth about people with learning disabilities.

Louis Morel is a young adult with Asperger’s Syndrome who also suffers from severe Sensory Processing problems, a condition that exists when multi-sensory integration is not adequately processed in order to provide appropriate responses to the demands of the environment. This means that he can’t leave the house without suffering immense pain. He says it hurts to go to any new place or see new people as processing all the senses relating to new surroundings is too difficult, so instead he goes to new places and meets new people in his head.

While using his imagination in such a way and by playing around with Adobe Flash animation software CS6, Louis has been able to develop a series of drawings and animated art. He draws pictures with his computer mouse and has created a gallery that includes individual characters and made-up scenes, all of which can be found here

Having drawn ever since he was little, Louis enjoys making pretty pictures and finds it very therapeutic which in turn helps with his sensory processing problems. He says, “I might never be able to visit places like The Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls but at least I can go to a version of it in my head, even though it might be bright pink and covered in cats!”

As a youth patron for the charity Ambitious about Autism, a social platform for young adults aged 16-25 with Autism to connect and discuss issues they all face, Louis got involved with the myVoice project and created a short animated film that can be watched via YouTube and has had more than 23,000 views.

The video describes what it’s like to live with sensory overload and attempts to briefly explain what Asperger’s Syndrome is; it is very cleverly put together and along with his drawings has shown just how technology such as Adobe Flash and other animation software can be used to help people with disabilities express their creativity and develop their natural talents.

Louis explained how he’d like to use his art to fundraise for the charity: “I have sold some of my paintings to people I know but I’d like to sell a lot more as a fundraiser for Ambitious about Autism; I just really want to give something back and hopefully help other people like me.”

Prints of Louis’ work can be purchased from his Etsy site and he’ll also be exhibiting his drawings at the Click Clock Gallery in Croydon in June 2016.