New Launch – Free Lesson Delivery & Real-time Assessment Platform


Launched officially on 1 March 2017, Unio By Harness is a free all in one lesson delivery and real-time assessment platform for the 1:1 device classroom, that enables teachers to use existing technology to gain an instant insight into student understanding of any topic.

The browser based system offers a digital interactive workspace that delivers lessons via ‘slides’ – much like a PowerPoint presentation, however a whole range of pedagogically driven features open up an interactive world of teaching and learning.

With a free digital class set up, students can immediately see the shared workspace on their own devices. Anything a teacher does on her screen within the Unio By Harness system is replicated on student devices, though students can individually annotate and highlight parts of their screen for later reflection – creating their very own, customised version of the lesson content.

Real-time learning feedback through quizzes
Real-time learning feedback through quizzes

With easy to create and deploy quizzes, teachers can quickly gain an understanding of student attainment, saving the data for future exports and offering additional support to those who need it most.

The platform promotes a simple 4 step process:

  1. Create
    Teachers can create their lessons using existing PowerPoints or from scratch by adding text, images and other media to ‘slides’.
  2. Teach
    A range of features such as shared screens, individual annotation, and the ability to turn a student into the presenter provide teachers with a multitude of ways to deliver the lesson.
  3. Assess
    Using the inbuilt quiz mechanism with real-time results, teachers can gain an instant insight into student understanding. By ‘drilling down’ into individual screens, teachers can see student annotations and workings out to immediately understand the thought processes.
  4. React
    With instant private messaging, screen control takeover and feedback buttons, teachers can quickly react to student learning, celebrating successes and intervening at crucial points for those who need it most.


Student Screens
Teachers can view all student screens from the dashboard


Following a lengthy piloting programme, Unio By Harness is now available for schools across the UK. The system offers a freemium model, allowing schools to gain access to the core solution for no cost at all, with the option to buy premium access (saving of lessons, additional features) at a later stage should they wish.

For more information and to register for free, visit