Case study: London school improves GCSE success with SAM Learning

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In August, as thousands of students around the country nervously made their way into school for the last time, the SAM Learning team were eagerly awaiting the GCSE results at The Chafford School in London, a long-term customer of the online learning and revision system.

Chris George, Marketing Director of SAM Learning, explains:

“As an e-learning company, we strive to make learning more enjoyable, accessible and rewarding for students across the country. As part of our mission, we want to ensure that everything we do is for the benefit of our school customers, teachers and their students and what better way to discover how people are finding SAM Learning than by visiting one of our schools and asking the teachers and students directly?”

With over 3.4 million students utilising the online service for schools over the past seven years, SAM Learning is designed to support personalised learning through a self-assessment method of interactive revision and examination practice. The system has been shown to improve GCSE results when used for more than 10 hours.

Sharing their experiences of using SAM Learning at The Chafford School, one student comments:

“I really like SAM Learning because it actually did help to raise my grades. Because I was revising and testing myself on what I was learning, it helped me a lot! I could see where I was and see where I needed to be, and so I knew what to do to get there.”

GCSE results Chafford School SAM Learning has been shown to improve GCSE results when used for more than 10 hours

Deputy Heateacher, Gamel Byles, was able to take some time away from celebrating the students’ successes to explain how the school ensures it gets maximum use out of SAM Learning. Commenting on how the school uses it as a diagnostic learning tool, he says:

“One of things that I am responsible for at The Chafford School is teaching and learning. I try to promote the use of SAM Learning to help the staff to set homework and to help the students improve their learning.

“We ask our students to complete work on SAM Learning, and the system diagnoses where their strengths and the weaknesses lie. We tend to look at the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses and say, ‘let’s concentrate on that as an individual’. As a school, we use it mainly for diagnostic learning.”

SAM Learning includes a variety of activities for students, created by teachers and examiners over the past 12 years. Alongside the content immediately available within the system, the new Activity Builder allows teachers to create their own bespoke learning materials, assigning a custom marking criteria and defining grade boundaries in a straightforward way.

For more information about SAM Learning, click here to visit the website or arrange an in-school demonstration here. There are currently a range of free activities available for immediate use on the SAM Learning website. Find out more here.