Learnium and Microsoft – a match made in social networking heaven

Learnium, the social learning network that helps students and teachers from the same university or college connect and interact with one another has recently teamed up with Microsoft to change the way in which students learn, communicate and collaborate.

Along with other innovative companies, Learnium has been invited by Microsoft to integrate their products with Microsoft Office Online. The collaboration will see a jointly made product be offered freely to around 4.3million full and part-time UK students.

The initiative will enhance the student learning experience and support institutions in their drive and aim to maintain the momentum of improved educational outcomes.

As well as enabling students and teachers to connect with one another, to discuss the curriculum, to monitor their progress and to interact regarding seminars and lectures, Learnium allows users to seek knowledge and interests, revise together and find out about events and other things happening on campus. It also lets teachers manage classrooms and deliver courses efficiently.

The integration with Microsoft therefore, will enable all users on Learnium to create and collaborate on documents seamlessly from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Robert Dragan, Learnium’s CEO told edtechnology.co.uk: “Our collaboration with Microsoft reinforces our strategic focus on improving the education experience…it’s been an exciting year for us. In April we secured seed funding and in September we opened up the platform to all UK higher and further education institutions. The response from student unions, universities, and colleges has confirmed the positive impact Learnium is having on students.”

Office Online is Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps that allows users to create and edit Office files from any web browser, and it is through the Office apps that Microsoft is driving to improve worldwide education.

Mark Stewart, UK education partner lead at Microsoft said: “Learnium provides an exciting, new platform for students to learn, communicate and collaborate online. With the integration of Office Online, students will be able to work whenever and wherever they want, directly from their web-browsers and mobile devices.”

At the beginning of May, the iOS versions of the Microsoft Office apps Word, PowerPoint and Excel were updated to allow users to flexibly access and store Office files with Learnium. With the new updates, files stored in this way can now be retrieved for opening within one of the Office apps on iOS. Edits made within these apps can also now be saved back to Learnium and other similar services such as Egnyte. This makes it easier for not only students to access their files, but for non-students and mobile device users to use them too.

Every UK higher and further education student can sign up to Learnium for free. Simply visit the website at www.learnium.com