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Case Study: Mapping pupil development with online monitoring system, Pupil Asset

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Heartsease Primary School in Norwich is an Ofsted rated Good school with over 470 pupils and 18 teaching staff. The school prioritises basic skills such as literacy, numeracy, science and ICT, but also emphasises the value of creativity by offering a relevant and exciting curriculum.
Pupil development is mapped throughout their school life using online pupil monitoring system, Pupil Asset. Prior to implementing the award-winning system, Heartsease Primary school utilised an Excel based system to monitor its pupils’ development. As time passed, the Excel document became unwieldy and difficult to ascertain information from, leading the school to adopt a more robust, results oriented system.
Deputy Headteacher, Jonathan Coy, explains:
“In the early stages, we tried out many different systems, but most just didn’t quite meet our needs. Pupil Asset was assessed and seemed to be the best fit for our school as we could monitor the development of pupils from nursery right through to Year 6, regardless of any future curriculum changes or additional Ofsted requirements.”
Having used the system for over six years, the school has built up a lengthy record of achievement for the older pupils. This has enabled teachers to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil as they move through year groups, as well as helping them to personalise learning based on previous performance.
Mr Coy adds:
“Pupil Asset enables teachers and other school staff to instantly view the whole picture of a child and their education journey. In the Early Years classes we take advantage of the system’s ability to upload and attach evidence of learning – pupils’ art, stories, homework and so forth. This is less important for the older pupils where we tend to focus on their core strengths, areas for improvement, behaviour, and overall attainment.”
Pupil Asset is popular among staff at Heartsease Primary School owing in part to how user-friendly the system is. Immediately from logging in, a teacher is presented with an overview of the school, year group or specific class and, within a matter of clicks, they can drill down to information about one specific child and everything about their educational journey so far.
In relation to the new curriculum and changes for the Early Years classes, Mr Coy says:
“It took a while to understand what exactly it was that the government wanted to see from us with regards to our Early Years pupils, but Pupil Asset made this process very simple. The team are always aware of any changes in the sector and are very quick to adapt the system to match the changing government requirements.”
He concludes:
“One of the reasons we decided to go for Pupil Asset six years ago was that we felt the company cared about what teachers thought and were willing to learn from us. They have regular user groups where they ask teachers how we are finding the sector, what changes the company should be aware of and if there are any areas in which the system could be improved in order to make our lives easier.
“We have seen a lot of developments with the system over the past six years; it has grown to enable us to give parents a full understanding of their child during parent’s evening, helped to provide information for Ofsted inspections, and most importantly, enabled teachers to keep a close eye on the growth of our pupils. I highly recommend it to any school that is looking into pupil monitoring systems.”
Pupil Asset is an online assessment and monitoring system suitable for Early Years, Primary and Secondary pupils. For more information, click here.

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