Third Space Learning launches 70 in-school Maths events

Third Space Learning an award-winning provider of online Maths tutoring to primary schools is launching this week an unprecedented programme of 70 school events which take place over the next 2 months.

Backed by Nesta, the Third Space model of tutoring is unique in being delivered entirely online, matching tutors from around the world to primary school pupils in England and Wales. Tutors trained as Maths specialists provide personalised lessons for every pupil, following the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum.

Up until now schools have tended to use teaching assistants for their interventions, or, alternatively, one-to-one tutors. While the former can be effective, they are often not Maths specialists and the latter are expensive. Moreover, such interventions are unlikely to be practicable for more than a few people at any one time.

As the primary Maths curriculum gets harder, with tougher SATs, and more stringent progress measures, there is greater pressure on schools to ensure all pupils achieve highly, and make good or excellent progress. In a class of 30 or more this isn’t always possible, and some children may get left behind.

Third Space Learning’s one-to-one tuition is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit into a school’s timetable and the individual needs of each pupil, whatever the level they’re working at. It’s a school-based intervention for as many pupils as need it, whether that’s 5 or 45.

But budgets are tight, per pupil funding is decreasing, and schools need to be sure before investing in any new intervention that it really is going to work for their pupils in their school. Which is why Third Space Learning has taken the unusual step of setting up live showcases of exactly how the one-to-one tuition works in schools from Torquay to Jarrow and Cardiff to Kent.

Headteachers and Maths coordinators have been invited to a showcase where they can actually talk to pupils, SLT, and administrators about the impact this online one-to-one tuition has had.

This is why Barnes Farm Primary School, in Chelmsford is happy to showcase their Maths interventions:

“The average progress for the children in one of the three groups during the two terms using Third Space was more than we would expect of children in a whole year. We appreciate the chance to showcase how successfully the programme works at our school and share our story with other schools”

Walesby School in Newark first discovered Third Space Learning by attending a showcase at Lowe’s Wong, another Nottinghamshire school. Walesby is now opening their doors to show how the “children have grown in confidence and now have a great enthusiasm and love for Maths.

Jeremy Moses Head of Research at Third Space Learning said “We’re really excited to do these showcases at different schools. The best people to share their experience of Third Space are teachers and pupils themselves. Being such a unique offering (one-to-one tuition but delivered online), it’s best to see it in action to get a true understanding of what it is”

For more information about the events and to sign your school up today, visit