Free Matific workshop showcases the beauty and intrigue of Mathematics

Matific is the free, unique, interactive teaching aid that uses hands-on approaches in order to teach maths to children from reception age right up to year 6. Originally developed in the US for the US curriculum, so popular was the concept that it has been anglicised and is now used in many a classroom across the UK.

The progressive tool was designed to provide full support for teachers and educators in order to convey maths concepts to students in an engaging, interesting and effective manner as possible.


Last month,  Matific’s mission to make immersive maths apps available to all children was demonstrated at Roebuck Primary School and Nursery, St Margarets, Stevenage, in Hertfordshire. The school held a pre-registered yet entirely free-ticketed workshop event which allowed attendees (mainly teachers and educators) to delve into Matific and its workings, tinker about with demos and take away new ideas on how to teach various maths concepts and topics – thus reinforcing the point that Matific is highly driven to encourage teacher empowerment – these ideas could then be re-hashed, broken down, developed and implemented into lessons the following day.

For those new to the system, Matific has hundreds of activities, episodes and worksheets in its extensive portfolio, all of which are curriculum driven and allow for a blended learning approach to be used. Teachers can integrate hands-on math exploration into a classroom learning format as well as seeing pupils delve into worksheets and use specially designed apps for tablets and personal computers.

The teaching tool aims to empower educators by making it easy for teachers to find content of appropriate levels for their classes individual abilities and by helping to spark a love of maths in students who are reluctant learners by making the subject more appealing and enjoyable, through a variety of fun, educational activities.

FullSizeRenderDuring the workshop, personalised one-to-one sessions were given to each teacher to discover the areas in which their pupils may be struggling and to identify Matific episodes that could help out. Teachers were left with not only a solid understanding of how Matific can be used in the classroom, but also a range of new techniques to teach historically tricky areas of the subject.

Speaking about their experience with Matific following the workshop, one attendee said:

“The episodes are brilliant for lesson planning as they offer assessment, engagement, learning and fun all in one episode!”

For more information about Matific and to try it yourself for free, visit