Case Study: Payhembury Church of England Primary School

Matific Logo SQPayhembury Church of England Primary School is a small school in Devon, catering for 68 pupils across three classes, ranging from four to eleven years old. In February 2015, Victora Morris, KS2 teacher and SENCO at the school invited Matific into the classroom to demonstrate the online maths platform. Here she tells bee-it how Matific has enhanced her maths lessons.

Victoria began:

“We were first made aware of Matific when they came into our school to provide a demonstration of their software. The timing was perfect for us as we were in the process of looking for a new online maths learning solution that the children could use at home, as well as during lessons.

“After seeing Matific in action and the response from our pupils, we were sold. We brought the parents in to school one evening to show them the system so that they could fully embrace the technology and understand what their children were doing in school and how we wanted them to use it in their own time.”

Now, just two months on from the initial demonstration, Matific is well and truly embedded into the maths teaching in the school.

Matific is a free, multiple award-winning collection of maths activities and worksheets aimed at children from reception age through to Year 6. With a focus on appealing to a wide range of learning styles, the system has been developed to make finding relevant maths content a straightforward process for teachers.

The activities are designed to have a fun, game-like feel to them without detracting from the core skill being taught, helping to facilitate engaging lessons with real world application.

When activities have been completed, the National Curriculum aligned teaching tool enables teachers to track student progress through an interactive online control panel. The simple layout is intended to help teachers identify struggling learners, as well as students who are more advanced, so they can instantly allocate personalised activities based on skill set if desired.

The Early Bird game helps pupils develop an understanding of odd or even
numbers by allowing them to move birds into pairs

Victoria said:

“Matfic is very easy to set up, giving each pupil their own login credentials, and assigning cohorts and classes to the school account. There is nothing to install, so children can access their individual learning anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer. Once logged on, children can easily find a range of activities that are suited to the core skill being taught, and get playing and learning straight away!”

As an open ended maths product, there is no one way to use the system, enabling teachers to bend it to their own plans. Victoria often introduces a mathematical concept using traditional methods, before sending the children in groups to practice the skill in a variety of ways, including Matific. After the lesson has concluded, the children are tasked with undertaking a number of Matific activities of their own choosing, related to the lesson as homework.

Victoria commented:

“The children love Matific. They actually come into class talking about which activities they played the night before, how well they have done and so forth. Plus, with the teacher admin panel, I can see who has done what and how well they are doing, providing additional support on a one to one basis where required.”

“Whilst it has only been a few months, we are so pleased with Matific and they way our pupils have instantly taken to it that we have been recommending it to other schools and the rest of our learning community.”

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