Instant access to 27 humanities topics with Planet Sherston’s Gogglebox!

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Goggle box is an online learning resource that features hundreds of broadcast quality videos, covering 27 different primary school topics including Modern Arts, Landscapes and Coasts, Victorian Britain, and Space.


After logging on, pupils are given access to topics that are individually broken down into easy to follow units. By selecting a unit, the children are presented with a dashboard that holds a wealth of information and interactive content about the subject including videos, a notepad, a research section with informative materials, online creative tools with topic specific resources, quizzes, collaborative tasks to stimulate whole class involvement, and writing tasks at three levels complete with banks of vocabulary and clipart images. With curriculum linked sheets, additional worksheets, photos, timelines and more, each of the 27 topics has enough content for the whole academic year, whatever the ability.


The Gogglebox dashboard enables pupils to access a range of learning materials and interactive content


A teacher area enables teachers to monitor the work done, allocating or restricting topics as required, whilst pupils are able to login from school or home to continue their learning as all content is saved online.


Planet Sherston’s Humanities module, Gogglebox, costs just £250pa for schools with over 150 pupils, although teachers can test-drive it first with a 14 day, unrestricted free trial to the resource by simply heading to the website.


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