Famous faces turn out for the Education Show

Did you know Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe? According to the council website, nearly 40% of Birmingham’s population is under 25. With 400 schools, plus15 universities, plus three university colleges within an hour’s drive of the city, education is very much on the city’s agenda so it is fitting that the Education Show takes place each year at the National Exhibition Centre.

This year it runs from Thursday17- Saturday 19 March and there are many stars from the small screen in the line up. Here are my top 5.  

robertwinstonProfessor Lord Robert Winston is a researcher, doctor, writer and broadcaster and Professor of Science and Society at Imperial College London. Think of him as a 21st century Renaissance man. He will be a familiar face from science programmes on the BBC including Making Babies, The Secret Life of Twins, and The Human Body or alternatively from Jamie’s Dream School.

His talk on Thursday 17 Mar 2016 at 16:10 – 16:40 in the Central Feature is called: By discovering how our minds work, we can improve our learning power and unlock our true potential. It’s not the catchiest title but Winston believes that there are 5 key personality traits which teachers need to consider when planning strategies for individual children. The mnemonic is OCEAN which stands for:

  • Openness= receptiveness to novel ideas, creative experiences and different values
  • Conscientiousness = being organised and strategic
  • Extroversion = experiencing positive emotions and being attracted to social, stimulating experiences
  • Agreeableness = concerned about the feelings of others and able to form bonds with people
  • Neuroticism = reactions to perceived threats and stressful situations

His theory is very different from Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats or Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences but will hold the same sort of appeal for the education community.  

nadiyahussainv2Nadiya Jamir Hussain is famous for baking 16 iced buns in three hours and making My Big Fat British Wedding Cake. Not many teachers or students will face these challenges but she is one of those success stories that appeals to all age ranges. Winner of the Great British Bake Off 2015, she is now a columnist for The Times Magazine, and has a string of publishing deals in the bag and is the best advert ever for food technology classes. Develop a light hand with pastry and you too could be featured in Hello magazine. Catch up with her on Saturday 19 Mar 2016 12:40 – 13:10 in the Central Feature.

Another show stopping female is Bonita Morris. According to legend, she woke up one morning and decided to climb Everest. She had no experience of mountaineering but did not let that stop her.  She is now a well known motivational speaker and probably an ongoing challenge to health and safety professionals.  Her talk, Small steps to big goals, takes place a 11:20 – 11:50 on Saturday 19 Mar 2016 in the Central Feature.

monty_tedxMonty Halls is an explorer. That sounds so strange in the twenty first century when we seem to have identified and exploited most of the far flung places on the globe.  However, he did find a sunken city off the coast of Tamil Nadu and filmed a rare crocodile species in Central America. These days he is promoting a leadership training initiative which he hopes will help young people develop skills in decision making, communication and organisational skills. Head teachers can see him School Leaders’ Summit at 12:45 – 13:15, on Thursday 17 Mar 2016; others can catch him half an hour later in the early years and SEN Theatre for his session Lighting the Spark – Leadership and Communication Training for Nursery Children.

paulhennIt is quite clear that most celebs have only a tenuous connection with education so I will finish with someone who has served time at the chalk face. Staff and pupils at Willows High School are the stars of Channel 4’s Educating Cardiff. Paul Hennessy, maths teacher and head of Denbigh house, is reputed to be one of the toughest teachers in the school but has the traditional heart of gold. He was reluctant to be filmed when the series started but is now far more comfortable with his on screen role. Paul’s session: No student gets left behind – the success to teaching maths in a successful school can be seen on Friday18 Mar 201612:00 – 12:30 in the Maths and Science Theatre.

Alongside these and other celebrities there is The Big Bang Fair, The Leaders Summit and advice on exporting from UK Trade and Investment while Microsoft and the Tablet Academy are running workshops so teachers can update their technology skills. With over 300 exhibitors and more than 140 free seminars, the Education Show is a key event in the education calendar and offers many ways for teachers to keep up to speed with the latest developments.

Show dates    Show times
Thu 17th March    09:00 – 17:00
Frid 18th March  09:00 – 17:00
Sat  19th March  09:00 – 16:00