Crick Software launches bigger, better and brighter Clicker 7 following its Bett Awards 2016 win.

Crick Software, the company behind the multi award-winning Clicker suite of literacy support tools, has just launched its newest product, Clicker 7; an upgrade that has been two years in the making. The bee-it team were lucky enough to get hands on with Clicker 7 back in December, but since the Bett Show just a few weeks back, schools across the country are now benefiting from the latest version of the highly acclaimed software. And what a version it is!

Clicker 7 has significantly more support for writing and has many accessibility improvements as well as a new way of editing Clicker Sets, making it the easiest version of Clicker to date.

The latest version will help every child to play an active role in their own learning and offers complete support through the whole writing process; as already seen with Clicker 6, the word-processor sets itself apart from other similar software by offering support for struggling readers and writers, as well as helping those emerging and developing learners.

New for this version of Clicker are several features: the Clicker Board; Voice Notes; Children’s Voices; Easy Clicker Set Editing; New Accessibility Options; Word Pool; CrickPix Library; Enhanced Word Prediction; Use at Home; and new Get Started Quickly materials, some of which we will break down here…

Clicker Board

Clicker Board is designed to provide pupils with a built-in planning tool to help them prepare for writing. They can manipulate and link any combination of words, pics and sounds on their Board by dragging shapes from the object palette, and dragging and dropping pictures straight onto the board from previously saved files or web browsers. They can also add voice notes to the board which helps those with strong verbal skills who may struggle to write their ideas down.

Voice NoteVoice Notes

This feature gives children the chance to record their own audio notes before they write. They can vocally rehearse their sentence to prepare them for writing. It’s a powerful way to record initial ideas and is also a great tool for teachers who can use them to record activity-specific instructions to create verbal prompts.

Children’s Voices

This is a brilliant feature that repeats completed sentences in a clear child’s voice which encourages children to punctuate their work and review each sentence before starting the next one. It’s useful as it enables pupils to hear their mistakes in a voice that is similar to their own.

Becky Bisseker, ICT Co-ordinator at Hollyfield Primary School told

“My pupils’ favourite thing about Clicker is definitely the way in which it reads back their sentences to them. Many of these children struggle with sentence construction and this ability to listen back to their work enables them to make much more sense of what they are trying to put together.”

New Accessibility Options

Clicker are committed to providing software that enables every student to access the curriculum and achieve success, and Clicker 7 has added two new access options – the Eye Gaze Support and SuperKeys (SuperKeys was actually a Bett Awards 2016 Winner with the judges describing it as ‘something simple done properly’).

SuperKeys is an innovative on-screen keyboard for people with mild-moderate physical challenges and those with low vision. It enlarges content of Sentence Sets and Word Banks enabling every child to benefit from the support of Clicker Grids.

Clicker 7 also comes installed with 40 Example Sets that cover a range of subject areas. There are Clicker Books too which are complemented by Sentence, Connect, Talk and Matching Sets. You can see the examples in more detail on the blog.

In January, the Education Consultant team visited schools to provide the first demos of Clicker 7 and received extremely positive responses. One school were wowed by the new children’s voices and loved the feature allowing pupils to record their own Voice Notes; and in particular they were impressed by the new Clicker Board.

The feedback for Clicker 7 have been fantastic and the Crick Software website has published two new reviews for readers to digest.

John Galloway explored Clicker 7 on behalf of and commented:

“No-one can accuse the good people of Crick Software of resting on their laurels. Clicker has been in our classrooms for nearly 30 years, largely because it is constantly reinvented. They don’t just tweak it and call it an upgrade, they listen to users, check technology developments, and rebuild it – as now with Clicker 7.

“They use simple changes such as the use of drag-and-drop in grids…there is the Word Pool facility to teach the software tricky pronunciations, or to add specific words and meanings to the predictor and spell-checker…overall, this latest iteration of Clicker makes it even more inclusive than ever…”

Read the full review at as well as other reviews and introduction videos.

For a full list and comprehensive breakdown of all the new features, follow this link.

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