‘Anti-Bully-Bot Bob’ scoops 1st prize in LapSafe competition!

To enter the contest, run by ICT charging and security specialist LapSafe® Products Ltd, based in Essex, primary school students had to draw a robot and name it.  Abbie impressed LapSafe’s guest judge, Apple Distinguished Educator, Paul Hutton with her drawing of ‘Anti–Bully-Bot Bob’, a happy and helpful robot that would help if you were being bullied and always there to help. ‘Anti–Bully–Bot Bob’ also has a special pocket where you can put all your worries, his mantra being “No negativity only positivity”.

Paul who is a highly experienced and passionate teacher and the founder of Korwdrah Consulting picked Abbie’s drawing from 4,321 entries and was overwhelmed by the level of thought and detail that went into her artwork. Speaking about the winning entry, Paul said:

“I really liked the idea of a robot that had such a worthwhile purpose and dealt with bullying in a positive way by preventing what might be hurtful message getting to you.  The robot called Bob has many features including a digital display informing everyone of the number of days since the last bully message. His large eyes will enable him to spot potential bullying and act quickly. His bright colours would make anyone happy and would probably stop bullies thinking negative thoughts.  The world needs lots of these robots and hopefully in time, we will have less negative behaviour and more positive people!”

Mrs. Baird, the Teacher who sent in the schools pictures for the competition at Furness Primary School, said:

“The prize will make a huge difference to a small school like ours. Next term, almost every child can have an IPad assigned. This will let us tailor the curriculum to individual needs. When you enter a big competition like this you do it for the fun of it. You never dream you might actually win! We’re so excited”.

Paul was unable to make the presentation assembly but sent a video message of congratulations viewed by everyone at the surprise prize giving assembly attended by LapSafe, Abbie’s teachers, parents and classmates.

Denise Crouch, Head of Sales and Marketing at LapSafe® Products said:

“We are so delighted by the amount of competition entries we received from all over the country.  Abbie’s drawing is both creative and imaginative and it is obvious that her school takes anti-bullying seriously.  It was an absolute pleasure to see the prize go to such a worthy winner and inspirational school.”

The competition runner up was Ruby-Molly Lucas aged sixfrom Kings Heath Primary School in Birmingham who won £100 Book Voucher for her school and a £30 book voucher for herself.  

The level of entries were so great that LapSafe® awarded additional prizes of £30 Amazon vouchers for the drawing with ‘the best robot name’, and also ‘LapSafe®’s employee pick’.

The TechBot Competition was open to all primary school and SEN pupils across the UK to celebrate the launch of the ClassBuddy™ Tablet sync and charge trolley, a safe, secure and cost-effective solution to manage tablets in schools.

For more information about LapSafe, visit their website at http://www.lapsafe.com/