The future of storing mobile devices moves to the wall

In an education landscape where mobile devices are becoming ever more common, the need for reliable, secure charging and storage solutions has become more prevalent.

LapSafe, the market leaders in managing secure storage and charging solutions for over a decade, has recently unveiled two new products designed to meet this need; the ClassBuddy Wall and the space saving indigowall. Both are designed to store and charge laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and hybrids in a unit that can be affixed to a wall.

The ClassBuddy Wall can store and charge up to 16 different devices at any one time


Offering ‘charge’ only or ‘charge and sync’ options, the ClassBuddy Wall offers a cost effective solution to store and charge up to 16 devices simultaneously. With a lifetime warranty, the secure unit features a three point locking system with anti-drill locks and can hold a variety of different devices at any one time, including those with ruggedised cases.

At 210mm slim, the indigowall will fit in compact spaces around the school


Designed to fit in more compact spaces, the indigowall is one of the most space saving wall units available on the market. Like the ClassBuddy Wall, it can store, charge and sync devices simultaneously. With secure shutter doors and a dual locking system, the indigowall is suitable for use in more open locations such as classrooms, corridors, reception areas and school offices.

To find out more about either the ClassBuddy Wall or the indigowall, and for a free quote, contact LapSafe directly on 0800 130 3456 or click here to send an email.