Code Monster, Code Maven, and Game Maven are interactive tutorials where kids and adults can play with code, experiment, build, and learn. Data Maven is an introductory statistics tutorial designed to spark a curiosity for statistics and data.

Code Monster is for younger children, ages 9-14, and for curious adults. Code Monster is the easiest tutorial.

Code Maven is for ages 13 and up and is harder than Code Monster with more difficult problems, more depth, and more explanation.

Game Maven is for adults and older teens who have some programming experience. Game Maven is a step-by-step tutorial for writing three different video games.

Code Monster, Code Maven, and Game Maven are all interactive programming tutorials using live code. Players learn step-by-step building fun graphics, animations, and even fractals and simple games. They are immersive tutorials with a focus on action over explanation. Players build right away with code, learning about coding by coding.

Data Maven is an intuitive game-like tutorial where people new to statistics try answering questions using data and statistics. The focus is on action. Answer questions, look at data, and discover how to use statistics as your tool to do even more.

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