Privacy and Control: Facebook and General Social Networking Guidance

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    Last Updated2nd September 2015
    'The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has said that all schools should have policies for how all staff use Facebook and other social networking sites. While that sounds laudable, I fear the horse may have already bolted as it is something that really needs to be addressed for new teachers as they begin their training, especially as many are going on to do a PGCE straight after they earn their Bachelors Degree and their profiles could be filled with images that could be deemed “unfortunate” if pupils and students ever got hold of them. Trainee teachers often have to sift through school policies on a range of topics on the first day of a placement, but I doubt the Social Networking Policy would really be high on the list.
    The same reasons that make students more likely to broach certain subjects with young trainees may also make them want to look those same trainees up on networking sites, so ensuring trainees protect themselves before they set foot on a school site is paramount.
    In this guidance I will attempt to cover some general tips for keeping yourself as safe as possible. Some suggestions will be fairly obvious, but others may surprise you. The one thing I can say is that these sites are constantly evolving so newer features may not be covered in here but the key is common sense. While I will focus on Facebook as it is the largest site, the general guidance will be useful for most sites.'