How to: Use Twitter in Schools

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    'There are several prevailing views of Twitter. One is that it’s a great way for organisations to get short messages to the people who need them, but a number of people view Twitter as a way of publishing the minutiae of your life. My personal view is part way between the two. While it should be the first view, there are a number of people who over-tweet. Perhaps that’s why some people rename Twitter to something that’s a tad inappropriate!

    How does it work?
    Twitter can be a fantastic tool for schools to get important messages to parents, especially for school closures due to poor weather. In this article we’ll look at a number of different ways schools can and do use Twitter and the potential benefits and drawbacks of them.
    Before we get to that we must address how parents access the information. Not all want to have a Twitter account. Twitter provides a number of ways of distributing information. Currently (January 2011) in the links at the bottom of the page is an item labelled ‘Resources’. From here you can set up widgets to be used within your school website or learning platform. There are various types but the ‘Profile Widget’ is the best one to go for.'