How to: Safely Run a School Website

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    Last Updated2nd September 2015
    'Over the years there has been a lot of guidance on what you can and can’t do on school websites when it comes to photographs of children. Much of the guidance has been fairly wordy when what people really want is something short and easy to follow. I’ve been running primary school websites for over eight years and have my own understanding of the guidelines which I’m sharing here.
    1. Names
    Publishing a child’s full name on a website is generally considered to be a bit of a no-no. The best way around this is to use just the first name of the child, but if you’ve got more than one child with the same name you can use the initial of the surname.
    2. Photographs of children
    Safeguarding children can come into play here. Some schools operate a policy of no photographs to avoid the potential headaches of having to ensure they have permission. The simple rule is that photographs of individuals are not a good idea so your images need to have at least two children as the main focus of the image.'