The Assessment for Learning Strategy

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    Last Updated2nd September 2015
    This publication has been made available for reference use but should not be considered to reflect current policy or guidance.
    Over the next three years the DCSF aims to support schools in developing their assessment of pupils, to enhance learning and improve the rate of pupil progression. By investing in assessment, schools can ensure that learning is meaningful for all pupils, teaching is effective and attainment outcomes are improved.
    Aimed primarily at teachers and school leaders, it sets out aims and objectives for each year, describing how the strategy will be delivered and giving details of the resources available to schools.
    The document is focused on the support available to schools to improve assessment for learning at Key Stages 2 and 3, but much of this information is simply about good practice, which is transferable to both older and younger pupils.
    • Introduction
    • The aims of the Assessment for Learning Strategy
    • Making Good Progress pilot
    • The benefits of assessment for learning
    • Making robust assessments
    • A strategic approach to assessment
    • What will the strategy deliver?