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Classroom Monitor Early Years aims to support schools and nurseries under new EYFS framework

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In response to Ofsted publishing its guide to inspecting and registering the new EYFS this week, award-winning online markbook, Classroom Monitor, has introduced an alternative to the e-profile that aims to support schools and nurseries under the new framework.  
Ofsted specifically advise nurseries and receptions to:
“Think about how you will identify and explain the rate of progress that children are making towards the early learning goals. Monitoring the progress that all children make relative to their starting points is vital to ensure that action is taken to make sure they have the best possible opportunities to learn effectively at all times and interventions that are needed are identified. It will help to ensure that gaps are narrowing for groups of children or individual children identified as being in need of support. It can also help you to identify whether your educational programmes have sufficient depth, breadth and challenge, and fully meet the needs, aptitudes and interests of children.”
To meet these criteria, the Classroom Monitor Early Years online markbook tracks the development of each child against the simplified framework of 17 goals, enabling staff to monitor the progress of their class and identify any children that are falling behind.
Designed to streamline EYFS assessment, Classroom Monitor Early Years enables teachers to record judgements against the new EYFS framework and attach evidence of learning – including video clips, photos and sound recordings – in an efficient and straightforward way. The markbook also provides an online bank of teaching and learning resources that are linked to each goal, helping nursery teachers to navigate the new framework.
In terms of sharing information with parents and involving them with their child’s activities, Classroom Monitor Early Years has been designed to simplify end of year reports to parents, facilitating the creation of personalised templates, learning journeys and reports to send home instantly or share online – alongside evidence and achievements if desired – via theparent portal.  
As a DfE accredited MIS supplier, Classroom Monitor also automatically creates the annual return required by local authorities,formatting it correctly and preparing it to be sent directly from the system.
For more information about Classroom Monitor Early Years, watch the short video below:
Alternatively, click here to visit the Classroom Monitor website.

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