Monday 1 May, 2017

Mathseeds, the fun-filled maths programme for 3 – 6 year-olds which offers a huge range of carefully structured lessons that build mathematical skills over...

The Independent Teacher Workload Review Group recently released three reports detailing how schools can reduce unnecessary workload for their staff. Covering data management, planning and...
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A secondary school in Wales has enlisted the support of RM Books to help it meet the challenges of a national and international drive towards excellence in literacy.

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Although steps have been made to improve financial education in schools, children are still not leaving school with their financial knowledge at a suitable level, a leading academic has suggested.


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Award-winning music resource provider Charanga has announced that it is to launch a mobile version of Charanga Music World this Easter.

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“But we are training to be Key Stage 1 teachers, I don’t know why we would need to study algorithms!” As some of you may...

Online cross-curricula content delivery platform, Petra's Planet Share, has launched a free e-safety course for primary school children, helping to teach a wide range...

Minecraft (for those of you who may not have heard) is a sandbox game; a game with no storyline and no ‘end result’, where...
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Sonocent has announced the launch of Sonocent Recorder, a free new app for iOS designed to help students and educators capture and annotate sound in the classroom and out and about.

Zondle requires your help: the web-based educational tool that allows users to create and play games to support individual learning needs is set to...